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    Mortgage Online Payment Option


    We have a mortgage online system (Customer CareNet) found by clicking hereMortgage Online Payment Site . This allows you to make your monthly payments online. You can also view account details such as escrow and payment history. The first time you use the system you will have to register and set up access with your loan number. Auto draft can't be set up with this online system.

     Auto Draft Set Up


    To view and print our auto draft form click here: Auto Draft Form This form is used to set up automated payments from your bank account. The instructions are on the form. I don't advise using auto draft if you recently purchased a newly built home. Most of the time the taxes are initially set low because the taxing authority is using a unimproved value. As the value and taxes change, so will the required payment amount to escrows. Until the value and taxes level out, making payment by check or with our Mortgage Online Payment Site may be the better option.


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