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  • Jumbo Loans


    Jumbo Home Loans for High-Value Homes


    Jumbo home loans are the way to finance a purchase with a value above federal standards. The conventional conforming loan limit is $453,100. For a home with a purchase price above this limit, a jumbo loan is needed.

    It’s true that a jumbo home loan might be the route to go if you were trying to buy a castle, but in some areas with high housing costs a jumbo loan might be needed to purchase a relatively modest house. We can help the whole spectrum of these customers.

    Non-Conforming Mortgages


    Jumbo home loans (aka: non-conforming mortgages) are those that exceed the conforming loan limit for the location of the property. A single-unit property in most U.S. counties has a federal cap of $453,100. In higher cost areas that cap starts at $625,500.

    We offer High Balance mortgages with Fannie Mae and Super Conforming mortgages with Freddie Mac. With 30 years of experience servicing homeowners, we have the contacts and knowledge to complete these purchases throughout the United States.

    The Advantages of a Jumbo Home Loan


    Using a jumbo home loan allows you to avoid making an enormous down payment to reduce your balance to a conforming level. While a higher Jumbo Home Loans Rates in Texas usually comes along, the convenience is worth it.

    To learn more about jumbo home loans, please contact us.

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