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    Email: todd.frank@bankoftexas.com

  • Thank you for your interest in recruiting me. With the number of calls I found it necessary to set up this page to help us both out. It is too difficult to find the time for a “casual conversation” with each person that reaches out. Most of the conversations are the same. This form will ensure I get the details I need as well as giving you the opportunity to provide the information you want me to know. 

    Prior to completing this form you should note it is designed to capture information specific to one institution. If you are contacting me on behalf of multiple intuitions you will need to complete this form for each entity. If you can’t name the institution you represent please understand I appreciate your interest but save us both time and go no further with this form. Please answer all questions. If you don’t know the answer to a question please find the answer prior to submitting the form. I understand this probably isn’t the way you want this initial contact to go. If you are truly interested in me, you will understand how this helps both our time.  

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